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I bought a beat up vintage (early 50s) cruiser and promptly locked it to my back porch and let it become even more decrepit. When the time came to fix it up, it was clear that a paint job was desperately needed, but I REALLY wanted to keep the integrity of the original design as best I could.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON in EVERY SINGLE SHOP I went to (and I went to many) looked at me like I was crazy. They told me they could powder coat the bike but that was it. Every single person EXCEPT Cap at Palms Cycle, that is..


I wanted a bike. Cruised craigslist forever, went to several shops in town. I walked into Palms Cycle not really expecting to find the perfect used bike among their impressive array of vintage and new bikes, and though they didn't have any out on the floor, CAP (who is so so so nice) pointed out one out in the back that they were going to fix up. A week later, he calls and says it's ready to test drive. Which I did. That was a week ago and this past weekened, I took the bike to Venice Beach and was there for 4 hours riding around, people watching, and simply enjoying the wind through my hair and the smooth...


Absolute best bike shop around! Everytime I bring my bike in I get top class service. Unlike other stores where you have to wait a week for your bike, these guys are right on it! Also, when you walk in the store the staff immediately recognize and help you out!



No other shop like this one in the USA. Over 80 antique, retro, and refurbished Bicycles. They rent and sell these bikes to the studios like Sony and Fox. You can buy one. They also sell new bikes and offer fantastic repairs and frame build outs. The shop is outfitted to look like an Hawaii beach scene, and the owners are just as eclectic as the store.


After trying to rebuild my old 12 speed into a fixie by myself I was stuck with a couple problems I couldn't do on my own. I wasn't sure where to go so I just went to the closest place which was Palms Cycle. I'd never been in there but I figured I'd just ask a couple questions and go deal with it myself later. I went in and showed them my beat up old bike that was most of the way done but had no brakes, messed up short chain that needed a link, wobbly wheels that needed alignment and handlebars that were all wonky. They took my bike in the bike and while I watched fixed everything. They explained what they were doing every step of the way and taught me a lot. I've ridden that bike to work everyday since. Super nice guys who didn't even...



The Best Bike Shop in Los Angeles for Road Bicycles, Fixed Gear Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Cruisers, BMX and Specializing in Schwinn Classic Bicycles

More Than a Great Bike Shop. A Legend in West Los Angeles for 80 Years

A bike shop has to change with the times to be successful. Palms Cycle in the community of Palms and just a two blocks from the Sony Studios in Culver City can certainly claim to be a change agent among bike shops. As the oldest bike shop in one location in the entire city of Los Angeles, we currently offer Schwinn Classic bicycle and leading edge fixed gear bikes under this 80 year-old roof.

If you need a bike shop in West Los Angeles that can do expert repairs, complete restorations, fabulous paint jobs, or help you build up your own ride to look great and function flawlessly, Palms Cycles is the clear choice.

Our bike shop is also the choice of the entertainment industry when the need a bike prop. This might be a current model, an antique, or a totally custom design of a futuristic bicycle. We are located 2 blocks from the Sony Studios and a little over a mile from Fox Studios.

Bicycles Are Stylish in Los Angeles, Culver City, Mar Vista, Beverly Hills, Venice and All the Other Towns Near Our Store

While Bicycles have seen some years of boom and others not so much, Los Angeles is going through a huge revival in bicycle use for everything from basic transportation to midnight rides involving 1000's of colorful fixed gear and other exotic bikes.

We at Palms Cycle are a family oriented shop with a huge inventory of bicycles that will take care of every need for folks in LA. We offer rides every week as a way of helping you to become active in the use of your bike.

We Are Known Throughout the Westside As the Go To Bike Shop for Fixed Gear Everything

Because we are skilled at bike builds, wheel builds, restorations, and bicycle painting, we have become the hub of the fixed gear business in Los Angeles. Buy a frame and build it up component by component. Bring in an old beater and do the original "fixie" job on it. Or we can provide you with many options on economical built up fixed gear bikes.

Want to make your fixed gear bike into a work of art? You've seen the brightly colored and fully accessorized fixed gear bikes in and around Los Angeles. In many cases that is one that we have helped to create. Check out our videos here and here to see examples of the custom fixed gear bikes we have helped create.

Road Bikes Are Making a Huge Comeback in Los Angeles

Sometimes you really do need gears…and brakes, and now the race is on to create faster, lighter, and more functional road bikes for riders in West Los Angeles. We carry Raleigh, Fuji, and other fine brands of road bikes. Our expert staff can help you with decisions about size, geometry, handlebars, and saddles.

There is a huge move to commuter bikes that have some road bike elements and some mountain bike functionality. Sometimes called hybrids or comfort bikes, these bikes generally have upright bars, wider tires and very comfortable seats. Come test ride a full on racing road bike or a commuter bike to see which one fits your needs.

Palms Cycle also offers a full range of Mountain BIkes, BMX, and Cruisers including brands like Electra and Haro.

Schwinn Classics, Old School, Crates, and Tank Bikes From the 40's to the 70's For Sale or Rent or Studio Work in Los Angeles

We have about 80 classic bikes in stock at any given time. If we don't have it (and we probably do) we'll find that memorable bike from your childhood or for your studio needs. We were a Schwinn Bicycle Shop for many years and have carried on the tradition by being a major source for any and every kind of Schwinn bike in the post WWII era. You can buy these great Schwinn Classics as is or we will fully restore them for you. And we don't just sell them in Los Angeles, but will ship them anywhere you choose.

Sting Rays, Varsities, Corvettes, and more. We will also find other classic bikes whatever the brand or era. If you need any kind of bike for a studio or theatrical purpose we can build, restore, create, sell, or rent you the perfect item.

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